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What Do Designers Do Exactly?
What's your color scheme? Do you have a theme? How do you want your wedding to look and feel? You will be sure to hear these questions dozens of times as you talk to friends, family, vendors, and even curious strangers! It can be a little overwhelming right? Even if you have a vision in mind, it can sometimes be difficult to express what you want, or narrow down the choices. Event Designers are here to answer those questions with/for you! We help to manage selections of wedding decor and design elements that will bring together the look and feel of your whole wedding so it's special for you and looks blog worthy!

Why Do I Need Design?
If you find yourself gushing over blogs and galleries, noticing that bold typeface font that's seen on the wedding invitations, menus, and the welcome signs - or notice that lovely shade of blush that's in the flowers, linens, AND even the champagne- you have an eye and love for the details! And nine out of ten times, you are admiring the work of an event designer. There are so many moving pieces to wedding day, and a designer ensures that each and every one of those pieces will work together and represent YOU. It’s the little details that make an event special, and it's those little details that really make the difference!

If you are looking to create your own unique wedding, we can help make your dreams come true with full design work from start to finish. Full wedding design investment starts at $3500. Looking for some help selecting just a few items like linens, flateware, or lighting? Great! We can help with that too. A la carte options will be charged at a percentage. Contact us for more details!

DESIGN | making the difference