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Our Style
Our flowers designs intentionally highlight the natural beauty of flowers. Our compositions are lush and flower heavy, with fewer greens. We like our arrangements to be a little flirty and feminine as we combine the delicate balance of being both organic and full. Each arrangement will look slightly different, highlighting the nature of each flower.

Our Creative Process

We start with the overall feeling that you'd like to establish at your wedding. In keeping true to our goal of creating a wedding that represents you and only you, we will pull inspiration from all aspects of your life. Is there a favorite place you like to vacation, a sentimental flower from your childhood, what kind of jewelry do you wear? These are details to consider when composing your floral landscape. After a lengthy conversation (hopefully over coffee or champagne!) we will choose blooms and color pallets that will be authentic to you!

The overall budget of your floral design will depend greatly on the market prices of desired blooms, selected vessels,, location, and number of arrangements required. Due to the intensity and caliber of work Nicole Chapman Design provides, we have a strict policy of minimums for floral designs. Floral Designs start at $3500- with most of our clients spending between $6500-$9000 for events smaller than 80 guests.

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